Construction Administration

Bidding Processes basically involve scheduling, notification, distribution of bid documents, answering inquiries, issuing addenda and receiving bids. This process varies somewhat depending on whether the construction contract is negotiated, construction manager or general contractor bidding.

Construction Administration begins with a pre-construction conference and continues throughout the construction period involving observation of construction in progress to determine compliance with Contract Documents.

Other tasks during this period include review of shop drawings, advice to the Owner regarding progress of work, maintenance of a written record of work in progress, issuance of Certificates of Payment for the Owner, preparation of any necessary Change Orders and final inspection with the Owner.

Warranty Review generally occurs prior to the one-year construction warranty deadline. LBL Architects conducts an on-site inspection of the entire facility to ensure that those items under warranty are still in proper operating condition.

A full report is then submitted to the Owner stating the condition of such items. The Contractor will be informed of any items in need of attention and a work schedule will be coordinated to repair or replace such.