Master Planning generally extends beyond the immediate project in terms of space and time. It serves as a framework to allow current and future development to progress in an orderly manner.

Architectural Design is accomplished in two phases. The first is Schematic Design which is developed from program requirements and results in preliminary site and building plans. These plans and the proposed budget are reviewed by the Owner for comment, approval and/or revision.

From this point the project progresses into the Design Development phase which involves completing the design and illustrating it in more detail regarding building materials, color and three-dimensional forms. Preliminary definition of structural and mechanical systems and review of the budget are also included in this phase. The Owner is again invited to review for comment and/or approval.

Construction Documents include complete drawings and specifications to be used for bidding, constructing the project and review by governing bodies for compliance to code requirements. The budget is again reviewed at this time.

Construcion Contract Selection is important in maintaining quality construction and competitive pricing.

LBL is expereienced in administering all types of construction contracts and in helping clients find the best route for their particular situation.

Interior Design services are divided into two segments. The first involves materials and color design regarding all building construction finishes. This work is typically included as part of the project design. The next segment of interior design includes loose furnishings and equipment and is often handled under separate contract at the Owners choice.