Site Evaluation might range from a cursory review of a site plan and visit to the site to a thorough study of the site involving drainage, topography, soil condition, traffic, utilities and platting status.

Facilities Assessment is helpful to determine if existing improvements are suitable for remodeling and/or expansion to accommodate a specific use.

The review might involve a very general examination or very specific studies regarding such things as structural integrity, capacity & condition of mechanical equipment, accessibility and testing for existence of contaminated materials.

Total Cost Budgeting helps the Client determine the full financial commitment required to complete a Project.

Code & Zoning Previews are conducted to determine if the intended use of a site or facility would be unduly restricted by building codes or zoning ordinances.

Land Planning is most effective as a conceptual tool to examine potential uses of a site or area. General terrain, natural features such as foliage & waterways and existing or proposed routes of access are some of the aspects to consider.

Programming involves interviews with the Owner and research to collect and document space requirements, functional relationships, equipment requirements, etc. 

LBL has developed a method of acquiring and maintaining vital program information and compiling it into a comprehensive document of both conceptual requirements and specific needs.

This compilation serves the Owner and Architect well throughout design and construction of the facility.